San Diego

Tuesday 1 November 2016
We had spent the previous night at a truck stop near Riverside, CA. During our road trip and spending time in the camper van we found that truck stops provided a good nights sleep. They’re easy to find and a free nights stay. There are several chains you can look for, 24/7 Plaza truck stops, Love Truck stops and Flying Js travel plazas for example. All i’d recommend doing is when you arrive at the truck stops just double check where you can park. You don’t won’t to block any trucks in or get in the way!

The only issue we had with this stop is the fact it was Halloween night and a couple of truckers thought it was funny to look in our windows! Looking back we wish we had arrived in San Diego the day before as we could have celebrated Halloween properly and partied with the Americans! Anyway, in the morning we set off and drove to San Diego. The drive to San Diego was fine, however there were certain parts of the journey where millions of lanes would just appear out of no where, it was rather stressful at times!

Whilst in San Diego we planned to stay with Nic, my friend Frani’s friend from Bristol. I had met him once at Love Saves the Day and he’s a really cool guy! Frani had put us in touch when we arrived in America. Nic stayed in an area not far from Pacific Beach. When we arrived at his place we parked up on his drive and headed straight to the beach for some well earned ice cold beers. The drinks were flowing and the conversation was in full swing. We checked out a few bars in PB and before we knew it we racked up a $200 bar tab! Wooops. That evening we bought some more beers and chilled at Nic’s. It was really useful being able to park the camper at Nic’s house and it meant we didn’t have to worry about finding somewhere to stay for the next few days!


Tuesday 2 November 2016
This morning we woke up feeling rather fragile, not because of how much we drank but our bank balance! We decided to chill for the day and headed to the beach for a few hours in the afternoon. It was a lot warmer in SD! We had missed the sun.

Wednesday 3 November 2016
After some much needed sleep we got up early and went to San Diego Zoo. The zoo was fairly close to Nic’s house so we left in plenty of time. We stopped off at Burger King for a quick breakfast, I couldn’t believe how cheap it was! 69cent for pancakes, $1 for a breakfast burrito and $1 for a latte! We arrived at the zoo to an almost empty car park. Admission into the zoo was $45 (we said we were students and received extra discount).

Friday 4 November 2016


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