Wednesday 12 October 2016
Our flight from Austin to  Vegas was delayed by over an hour, and although it was only an hour we were really disappointed with the airport and staff. When we arrived and checked in no shops, bars, restaurants were open. Everything was completely closed and our gate was the only one open. There weren’t even any vender machines!

We touched down in Vegas quite late and in the excitement of being in Vegas we took a wrong turn, got the wrong train and missed the part to get our bags. DOH. The airport was empty, however, luckily we found a security guy who was able to take us back round to the baggage collection where our bags had literally just been locked in a room, luckily we caught the women just before she left and reluctantly she opened the room and let us collect our bags. It was almost 2am so we grabbed an Uber out of there! It was stressful at the time but something we can laugh about now.

Thursday 13 October 2016
After a long lie in we headed out for breakfast then walked down to the strip. Out hotel was right at the end, again because we were on a budget and it was so much cheaper to stay at the end of the strip. However, it wasn’t the safest of walks, similar to Miami there are lots of homeless on the streets and people asking for money. In the evening we caught an Uber to the Freemount experience, which is the old Vegas strip. The lights were flashing, the streets were bustling and the atmosphere was wicked. We saw the famous Freemount light show and checked out the Binions casino, where we realised that if you were playing on the machines you got free drinks. How amazing! Being the gamblers we are we stuck to the 1cent machines and enjoyed a couple of beers. Before heading back to our hotel we got our photo taken with the billion dollas.


Friday 14 October 2016
Friyay! This was our proper day on the strip, we caught a Lyft (after being given 10 free rides) down to the Venetian. Lyft is the same kind of thing as Uber so was good to use the coupons and save money. The strip is so surreal and nothing like I had imagined or seen before. We spent most of the day at the Venetian doing what we do best, playing on the 1 cent machines and drink long island ice teas. We also checked out the New York New York hotel and saw the famous Bollagio fountain display.


Saturday 15 October 2016
This morning we utilised UberEats to get breakfast. We had free credit as it was the first time we used it. I got chicken and waffles to try and Sal got a breakfast burrito. My meal was good, at first I was sceptical but it was weirdly good! We spent the day back on the strip and in the Venitian. We also went to Ceasers Palace. We had kept in touch with Becky and Jess, who were 2 girls we had met in New Orleans, it just so happened that they were in Vegas the same time as us and their hostel was opposite out hotel! So we met up with them in the evening and played on the machines! Guess what we did when we got back to the hotel? We used UberEats again to get a pizza! Great way to finish off a boozy day.

Sunday 16 October 2016
UberEats, our favourite! Again we used the app to order breakfast, I got a breakfast bagel and Sal got another breakfast bagel. Today we got a greyhound bus to LA so we also ordered two Subs to keep us going for the 6 hour journey. Becky and Jess had booked the same bus as us so we shared a Lyft to the bus station.


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