Austin, Texas

Sunday 9 October 2016
We caught an over night Megabus around 10pm to Houston where we stopped for 3 hours and then caught another bus to Austin, where we arrived at 11am. Although we had a 3 hour stopover in Houston early morning the cost of the journey was only $20 each, which is so much cheaper than buying a direct ticket. You also save a nights accommodation by sleeping on the coach. Bonus.

The sun was shining and we walked straight to the hostel (we opted for the hostel option as we had such a good experience in NOLA). We arrived to Drifters Jacks before check in so dumped our bags and went for a wander, a guy named Joel, who had also just arrived joined us. We walked to the Capital Building and then across town to the Hope Outdoor gallery, which was a space covered in graffiti. It was almost 3pm at this point so we walked back to the hostel and checked into our dorm. As we had spent the night travelling we decided to have a nap as we were so tired! In the evening we went out for a Chipotle, my favourite and went to sleep.

Monday 10 October 2016
Today we caught the bus to Barton Spring Pools. We only paid $3 to get in, Ethan from the hostel told us to say we were students studying at AUT and we’d discount. It worked and we paid about $8 less than tourists. Another bonus and valuable piece of info we found by staying at a hostel! The spring pools were great and so refreshing, for some reason I thought they were going to be hot but no, hot wasn’t in the name, they were freezing! On the way home we stopped at a restaurant called Mesquite Smokehouse. We couldn’t go to Texas and not have a BBQ Texan burger right? I opted of for a BBQ pulled pork burger and a local ale. In the evening Ethan took us to a bar called Highball for a Motown night. The band were called  the Matchmaker band and they covered all the classics! It was an amazing night with good company.

Tuesday 11 October 2016
As recommended by one of the guys at the hostel we walked down to sixth street, known for shopping and bars. It was alight but we couldn’t really afford to eat out! In the afternoon we walked back over to the Hope Outdoor gallery, we were tired the first time round so went again and did a little graffiti, we marked out name! It’s a place where graffiti is legal and lots of artists go. If you walk up to the top there are areas to sit and look out over the Austin skyline.


Wednesday 12 October 2016
Our last day in the incredible Austin! In the morning we hopped on the bus down to South Congress (SoCo). Transport in Austin is very easy and there are buses all the time. Did I mention it is also a big University town? Lots of people of similar ages and lots of things going on. In SoCo there are lots of quirky shops and antique book shops, it was interesting to have a wander round. We purchased a couple of cool postcards and then walked back to the Barton Spring pools for one last time. On the way back we went to Torcys Tacos, we love Tacos! They were super tasty. After food we went back to the hostel, collected our things up and said our goodbyes. Next stop, Vegas baby!


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