Washington D.C (Arlington)

Monday 19 September 2016
In the morning we chilled for a couple of hours and then caught the Megabus to DC. The Megabus was really good. We had used it previously in the UK so kind of knew what to expect an trusted the service. The buses were kitted out with free WIFI and air condition. Also, if you book enough in advance you can bag yourself cheap fares. We paid less than $10 for this trip!

We stayed with the Peterson’s, a family who I had stayed with whilst in America coaching soccer in the summer of 2014. During the coaching summer we had the opportunity to stay with American families, the idea was that families hosted coaches for the week and their kids went to camp for free. It was great to stay with different families, we met lots of people and had good conversation. The Peterson’s were a great family and we had kept in touch after my stay. Catherine welcomed us back and invited us to stay for a few days whilst we were in DC. Their house was amazing, and is situated just outside the City in Arlington. On arrival, we were greeted by Mark, Catherine’s husband. Catherine had been working late but Mark had dinner ready on the table with a glass of red wine, which was lovely. It was great to catch up with Mark and here all about what they’d been up to.

Tuesday 20 September 2016
We woke up early and got a lift into D.C. with Mark. Mark works in the city so he dropped us off by the Monument on route to work. We saw a lot and walked around the park sightseeing. We saw the Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and we also got a glimpse of the White House. In the afternoon we went to the National History Museum. I had been before with the Peterson’s but the museum is so big and the exhibitions change fairly regularly so it was great to go back and experience it with Sal. We spent almost 4 hours in the museum! Record time. The day we went there was a butterfly exhibition, a glass room where all kinds of butterflies were on the loose. Before catching the metro back to Arlington we had a quick wander round the Space museum. Matthew, Catherine’s eldest son, who was 11 recommended the Space museum, he said it was he’s favourite and we could see why!


Wednesday 21 September 2016
We had a lie in this morning and around midday we caught the metro to Alexandra, Old Town. It was a quiet town but had a lot of character, it looked like an old English harbour town. We spent a couple hours wandering and then got a lift back with Catherine. In the evening we hung out with Bridget and Arnica, we attempted to skateboard and watched some TV. Sal and I also wandered into town for a burger at Good Eats.

Thursday 22 September 2016
Travelling day! We flew down to Miami. Internal flights in the USA are very easy and the airport was easy to navigate. The travelling from DC to Miami was smooth, however I did leave on of my favourite shirts on the convey belt, that was a very sad time.


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