Sunday 16 September 2016
We arrived in Philly mid afternoon and caught an Uber direct to the Air BNB we had booked. It was in an area a few miles south of the central city called East Passyunk, we researched the area before booking and it looked pretty cool and quirky. The room we had was perfect for what we needed, and Sarah the host was lovely, she was only a couple years older than us and had similar interests. She gave us so many recommendations and things to do as a local rather than a tourist which was cool and something we preferred. We walked to an italian market and picked up some fresh food, as we had access to a kitchen we decided to cook during our stay instead of eating out to save funds. In the evening we went to a Mexican place a few blocks away called Catina’s, we enjoyed several Margaritas and complimentary nachos.

Saturday 17 September 2016
Today was a tourist day. We walked 30 minutes to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. From here, we then walked a further 30 minutes to the Rocky Steps. Sal rein-acted the Rocky step run whilst I caught it all on snapchat. She did a good job! ¬†We were just missing the theme tune. On the marathon walk home we stopped at a bar and enjoyed a couple of happy hour pints, $2 pints, you can’t go wrong. It took us a good hour to walk back to our Air BNB. Although walking everywhere was tiring it enabled us to see parts of the city which we wouldn’t have seen. We saw so much! In the evening we went to a couple more bars as recommended by Sarah, first stop was the Fountain bar for a pint and then Garage. I can’t quite remember what the last bar was called but it was a bit of dive, so we bought a obligatory Philly Cheesesteak from Cheesesteak corner and headed back.


Sunday 18 September 2016
Today we walked to Spruce Street Harbour park where we found a couple of hammocks and chilled out for the afternoon. There was an arts and crafts fair going on so we also had a wander round looking at all the bits and bobs. We had made a packed lunch today so also enjoyed that by the harbour side. On the way back we stopped by the Garage bar for a pineapple cider. In the evening we watched a film, did some washing and packed our bags ready for the next city!


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