Atlantic City

Sunday 11 September 2016
Travelling day! Today we caught the bus to Atlantic City, the big AC. We arrived mid afternoon after a 2 hour journey. After checking into the motel, which was actually pretty awful, we headed to the boardwalk for dinner at Chickie and Pete’s. I had wings and their special crab fries, it was amazing!

Monday 12 September 2016
Beach day! As I mentioned before, our motel was pretty grim, it was located around a 15 minute walk from the boardwalk, which doesn’t sound to far but it was far enough to be off the tourist path. The motel only cost us £20 each for 3 days so I guess we shouldn’t have expected much! Anyway, the sun was out and it was 32 degrees, our first proper day of sun and a day were we could relax on the white sands. For dinner we ordered in Dominos, which was great, we also watch a couple episodes of Catfish. How american of us!

Tuesday 13 September 2016
Guess what we did today? Yep thats right, another day on the beach and another day to top up the tan. In the afternoon we had remembered our bus tickets included a free $25 coupon for the casinos, so as a break from the sun we checked out Tropicana and had a go on the slot machines, we were pretty terrible and didn’t win anything.

Wednesday 14 September 2016
Today we were due to move on but we didn’t actually have anywhere booked. We really liked the Jersey Shore so decided to stay another 2 nights, but definitely not in the same hotel! We found a good deal for a hotel right on the boardwalk, which also offered free bagels for breakfast, bonus! In the afternoon we found a pop up beach bar which had a pool, we went in for a couple of hours, had a dip and a couple of beers! It was so refreshing and they were playing decent music. We ended up chilling here for the majority of the afternoon.

Thursday 15 September 2016
We spent our extra time in AC at the beach soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea. It was great to relax for a few days after the hectic time we had in New York. We also treated ourselves to a few beers in one of the casinos.

Friday 16 September 2016
Travelling day! Today we actually decided to move on and booked an Air BNB in East Passyunk, Philadelphia. Overall our stay in AC was alright and we loved the beach. If I were to go back I would definitely pay extra to stay on the boardwalk. We felt quite isolated in the first motel. Nonetheless, we had a good time and enjoyed the sun!


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